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About this Luthier:

In the past, Dean had an impressive span of experience building fine furniture. He later ventured into making stringed instruments and is now building his 16th guitar. He puts patience into the tiny, personal details that are required of this craft, using a large variety of woods from all over the world and using anything from linseed oil to coffee to wine to create a unique finish.  As a musician, Dean easily recognizes, strives for and reproduces the best possible sound quality of each instrument he builds.

Katz/Goncalo Elves Ditson GC inspired. $3200.

Katz soundboard/ Goncalo Elves back and sides Ditson inspired Grand Concert $3200.

This French Polished guitar has a Katz soundboard and Goncalo Elves back and sides which are contrasted by the black ebony bindings and fretboard. The open slothead is a design element from the 1916 Ditson Grand Concert which this guitar was inspired by. The neck is Honduran mahogany with a two way adjustable truss rod. Bracing is from split stock and shaved down to what I feel is adquate dimension to provide support for the steel string tensions without overdoing the mass, thus allowing maxium tone and volume.

Below: A little help from my friend Anthony Wood. Thank you~!

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Steel Stringed Guitar L00....Lutz Spruce/ Beng $2600.

This guitar has a Lutz spruce top and beng back and sides. The fret board and bridge are ebony, as are the bindings, and the neck is carved from local Wisconsin cherry. This is a nice sounding guitar.

Cedar Top/ Peruvian walnut Ditson inspired $2200.

This Ditson inspired guitar has a cedar top and Peruvian walnut back and sides. The neck is local cherry and the bindings are myrtle. The bridge, pyramid inspired is ebony as well as the fret board and headstock veneer. All my guitars are solid wood and hand built by myself. This is a nice light great sounding guitar!

Steel stringed acoustic guitar inspired by the Gibson 1937 L00

This steel string guitar was inspired by the Gibson 1937 L00 It has a killer unique lutz spruce top, 61 grains per inch at the center seam and maple back and sides. The maple is stained and shaded with a stain made from walnuts collected out in the yard, and it creates a beautiful depth and warm color. The neck is local cherry, fret board, bridge and bindings are solid ebony with herringbone purfling and rosette. This is a pretty guitar with beautiful tone!

The 12 String $3200.

Leopard claw Lutz spruce top, Cebil back and sides, Ebony fretboard and bridge, Honduras Mahogany neck with an oil varnish finish. This unusual guitar top came out of a bridge stringer in Northern British Columbia. The cebil back and sides are in the ebony family- hard and dense. I have it strung up with light gauge strings at standard tuning, the octave strings following the regular string and this guitar sings nicely with a warm punchy bass.

The "Luna" OM

Unavailable for purchase - for your viewing pleasure only.

Repair Work

Here is a link showing reconstruction on a 1929 National Tenor Resonator. Various other repairs and/or reconstruction available.


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